Watch Link Removal

On watches with metal straps, the watch strap is suppiled to fit even the largest of wrists, hence some links may need to be removed.

Whilst this can be done by a jewellers, you can save yourself both time and money by removing the watch links yourself.

On the Invicta watch collection, removable watch links are determined by a "screw head" on the watch link pin.

The links are simple to remove. All that is required is an object with a small solid point.

A small screw, with a point much smaller than the watch link recess worked perfectly on the Invicta watch pictured.

Lay the watch with the "screw head" side of the watch strap hinge pin laying downwards on a piece of wood and using the screw or other sharp pointed object, gently tap the hinge pin with a light object until you feel it "unlatch".

The hinge pin can then be removed by inserting a paperclip, safety pin or similar to push it fully out of the watch link.

Remove as many links as you feel is required, as evenly as possible on each side of the watch strap clasp. ie to remove two watch links take one out from each side of the clasp.

To put the pins back and join up the watch strap, simply reinsert with the "screw head" on the correct side of the adjacent links and push them home until they click into place. This is as simple as just pusing down on the strap on a solid surface.

Two pairs of hands make light work of removing links from an Invicta watch. If in any doubt entrust to a specialist. For guidance only at your own risk.